Metro 2033 game does\\\'nt load

By jonga_moura posted 21st Aug 2011

Hello,\\r\\n\\r\\n got the game in the promotion of 2033 meters last week. I downloaded the game and then I activated the code. It happens that today I could not play. The game opens and closes as soon as it returns to windows (w7 64 bits). A message appears asking if I want to get into safe mode, but not so the game can run.


By proverbio posted 21st Aug 2011

Try running the game as Administrator.

By rcantora posted 21st Aug 2011

If nothing else works, you can uninstall it and then reinstall it straight from Steam. To uninstall the game, go to Steam, right-click on 'Metro 2033' in your library, and then 'Delete local game content'. Once unistalled, just double click on 'Metro 2033' to start the installation process.

By TofoCZ posted 21st Aug 2011

Try this: Go to properties of the game. On tab called "Local files" click on "Verify integrity of game cache".

By DarthSidious posted 21st Aug 2011

Do you have the minimum requirements for the game?
Do you have the latest drivers for your graphic card?
Try to update DirectX:
Even if you have an ATI card, you must install physx, first this one: and then this one:

I have Win7x64 and the games works flawless for me...

By rasitha_raw posted 22nd Aug 2011

Try to verify integrity of game cache.

By Efonias posted 22nd Aug 2011

I'm not entirely sure, but Metro 2033 might start up in directX 11. in that case you'll have to change that in the config file.

By Efonias posted 22nd Aug 2011

That is if your graphics card doesn't support DirectX11.

By fodball posted 22nd Aug 2011

Its the PHYSX driver uninstall it then install new physx driver

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