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runtime error -- Visual C++ redistributable installed

By gpythomas posted 29th Jul 2011


I have a Visual C++ runtime error when trying to start EU Rome Vae Victis.

EU Rome basic is installed an working. I have other Paradox games that work just fine (EU3, Supreme Ruler 2020). The issue is just with Vae Victis.

I have installed the latest Visual C++ that I found on Microsoft's website for my architecture (Visual C++ 2010 x64), but that didn't change anything. Visual C++ redistributable 2005, 2008 and 2010 are installed, and I never got a runtime error with any other application.

I sent two messages to support but didn't get a reply.

Any idea?


By robertmocanu posted 29th Jul 2011

1. Instal the Visual C++ version that comes with the game. I have read that game developers "tweak" these packages and atune them to their games. MS I think provides a generic package.


2. Uninstal the game. Then run CCleaner ( and clean your registry files (backup is recomended). Then instal the game. Instal the Visual C++ version that comes with the game. Try to see if it runs.

By KavazovAngel posted 30th Jul 2011

^ Ugh! Don't use CCleaner.

By devul posted 30th Jul 2011

Problem is most likely in your DirectX version. You need DirectX 9.0c to get game running. It has some components which are not included in DirectX 10 or newer versions. Try installing this it should get game running.

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