Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition

Medieval 2 total war won't save

By chaosdeity5 posted 26th Jul 2011

so i tryed to save the game so i could come back to it and i get a message it says couldn't save because there was no disk or something like that. Can any help me


By sheepdodger posted 26th Jul 2011

Make sure you have enough disk space on your windows partition (most likely C:) for it to create a new save-file and try again. It might also be a problem with the game not being allowed to write in your Documents folder, try running it with an Administrator account.

By Grombart posted 26th Jul 2011

If you definately have enough free disk space and you still cannot save then make sure to install the game in some other place than the standard-path (NOT C:\Program Files\blabla but instead C:\Games\blabla or something similar) and run it as administrator.

By sordirsin posted 26th Jul 2011

I think you have to give the Sega folder (subfolders and files) full permission and possibly ownership to the desired account that you're using on Windows (administrator or basic user). Also, make sure the folder is not "Read Only." I believe you can change permissions by right clicking the Sega folder in Program Files (assuming you installed it there) and clicking Properties. "Read Only" option should be unchecked on the General Tab, and you can change permissions in the Security tab, I believe. I've heard this worked, so I hope this helps!

By Burnty posted 31st Jul 2011

I had this once a while ago, and it went away when I restarted the game, maybe if you're lucky that helps you aswell

By Burnty posted 3rd Aug 2011

were you able to solve your problem?

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