Europa Universalis III Chronicles

Where are all the expansions?

By Jsal11 posted 1st Jul 2011

I recently downloaded Europa Universalis III Chonicles and the only expansion I can play is the Divine Wind expansion. So I was wondering how to access the other expansions (Napoleon's Ambition, In Nomine, and Heir to the Throne). I did notice something about an error message when I installed it, but it worked fine when I played Divine Wind, except that I could not play the other expansions.

Help would be very much apperciated.



By demondean posted 1st Jul 2011

They are all bundled together into a single download.

By Jsal11 posted 1st Jul 2011

Oh! I know what you mean. Ok, so it is just all the expansions put together in Divine wind. I thought you could play them seperately.

Thank you very much!

By gamersgate posted 1st Jul 2011


By gamersgate posted 4th Jul 2011

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