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Sim City 4 Region Map Problem

By traelin posted 8th May 2011

When I go to the Region Map after saving a specific part of that map, the area which I just left lights up and is translucent all the way up the screen. It makes me unable to choose another zone in that particular region. This is very frustrating. I've tried modifying the graphics settings but I'm having no luck.


By noian posted 8th May 2011

This sounds like a graphics card/driver issue more than anything.

A) Make sure you have the latest version of your graphics driver.

B) Make sure your graphics card supports all of the features in game.

C) If you own an ATI card, try turning of Catalyst AI and Morphologic Filtering and setting things to application controlled

D) If you own an NVidia card, I can't help you tinker with settings, but mess around with them similar to above.

F) If everything checks out fine, try changing the resolution of the game, turning of Windows Aero if needed, or reverting to an older (much older) version of the driver released around the time Sin City 4 was released.

G) According to the official forums, if you are:

Rendering the map at resolution over 1200 px/inch vertical, translucent errors show up in game. It is a known bug and cannot be fixed. However, there are two immediate cures.

If you have already rendered your map, set your screen resolution to something less than 1200 vertical, then open the game, and the region. Open any city. Save and exit. You can now return to your high-res without trouble.

The other solution is to not render at high resolution. Render new maps at resolutions below 1200 px vertical. They can be played at higher resolutions.

Everyone please remember that this game was designed for a Pentium III with 256K of memory and a no-features VGA GPU. It is a legacy game, is long in the tooth, and needs tender, loving care to run at all on a modern machine. One day, probably when the 128-bit machines come out, it will be dead.

If you need any more help, you can reply under messages. Otherwise, please mark this as solved. :)

By traelin posted 9th May 2011

Thank you so much for the tips

By gamersgate posted 9th May 2011


By gamersgate posted 13th May 2011

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