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By ma63rea posted 26th Apr 2011

I am trying to uninstall HOI3, and every time I try to uninstall it the install shield stops working and I get this message "an error occurred while launching the setup. The remote procedure call failed." I already tried downloading the installer again but that did not work either. What should I do to uninstall the game completely?


By noian posted 26th Apr 2011

Hi ma63rea,

Sorry to hear about your trouble.
This is an old issue with the game that has been around since HoI2. It has to do with registry and pathing issues on installation.

You can try using third party applications such as CCCleaner and Revo Uninstall. What likely happened is during installation the game put the uninstaller file in the wrong directory and your computer thinks it is somewhere it is not. If the uninstallation process fails through the above two third party applications, simply delete the program file folder and use the advanced registry cleaning function of the programs to remove the game from the registry. If you are looking to reinstall the game afterward and delete it manually, all traces of the game from the registry should be removed.


By gamersgate posted 27th Apr 2011


By gamersgate posted 27th Apr 2011

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