Hearts of Iron 3

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By MBuchanan84 posted 7th Aug 2009

So... I'm not in the states at the moment, and where I am it's 3 am August 7th. I was hoping that maybe gamersgate worked on GMT... but I guess not. Does anybody have any idea what TIME HOI III will be released on the 7th? I'm deployed and have patrol, and my computer downloads at like 8kb/s... I'd really like to get this download started before I have to go out, and I've been up all night waiting. Please... just give us the download! I'll love you forever GG.


By Athalian posted 7th Aug 2009

Release time is 9AM CET (Stockholm time), probably to give paradox a chance to cope with the torrent of technical problems that are likely to arrive :)

By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2009


By gamersgate posted 7th Aug 2009

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