Shogun Total War Gold Edition

constant error message while installing

By blagi4a posted 19th Feb 2011

I get the message

An error occurred while trying to copy a file
The source file is corrupt

I tried installing twice and every time i get the same message but on a different .mpg file

Payed for the game
What to do?


By ManaPool_press posted 19th Feb 2011

Hi there,

It sounds like one of your files became corrupt during the download process. The best thing to try as very first step is to redownload the game/installer - and try installing it again with this fresh download.

First get rid of all temporary files/already downloaded files for Shogun - to ensure you indeed have new files.

It's pretty rare these days but it can still happen that something goes wrong during the transfer of a download - and it's the easiest thing to eliminate first.

By blagi4a posted 19th Feb 2011

I tried twice to download the installer/launcher - every time erasing the files beforehand - i`ve re-downloaded and i`m installing it again right now for the third time after your answer
i`ll click on the problem solved button as soon as it is solved - hopefully this time :-))

By blagi4a posted 19th Feb 2011

Third time was OK - thanx
Great memories with this one

By gamersgate posted 19th Feb 2011


By gamersgate posted 22nd Feb 2011

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