Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come

Mission 14 - The Holy City

By EightDeer posted 19th Feb 2011

I can't finish this mission. The Fatimid trebuchets are too strong.

Every time I try to get past the walls of Jerusalem, the enemy trebuchets kill half my army and the Fatimid soldiers inside the city finish off the survivors. I tried sending my cavalry running to kill the trebuchets, but that almost always gets my hero killed by the spearmen guarding the trebuchets.

I've checked GameFAQs, and the only walkthrough for C:TKC is unfinished and does not cover this mission.


By ManaPool_press posted 19th Feb 2011

Tricky one, as it's a pretty solid defense.

First; don't send your hero as that's suiicide. Better to send a more expendable unit. You will need to send something along to distract those spearman - the second unit killing the trebuchet and then helping out the first with the spearman. With a bit of luck, you don't loose *too* many men from those too units and they might be able to serve you as distraction for your next target.

Good luck :-)

By gamersgate posted 20th Feb 2011


By gamersgate posted 22nd Feb 2011

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