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By Fordus posted 16th Feb 2011

How do I get to the new campaign. It's been quite long since I played the original, but when I installed Kingmaker, all missions were still flagged as finished.

Tried reinstall couple of times and deleted the old profile but still couldn't find the campaign.

Are new missions just hiding in the old campaign (names?) or am I missing something? Battles of Ardania works fine, just finished it.


By Seraphic22 posted 18th Feb 2011

An option should occur when you first open Majesty 2 to load up kingmaker, it really isn't possible to miss it so something else must be going on.

The obvious thing to try is probably to reinstall if you still have the installation files, otherwise it may take some time to figure it out. If you can't do that then at least go to the games install directory and check if you have expansion files (you will have a couple of folders for an expansion and a readme). Also try open the program (majesty.exe) straight from this directory and see if you get the options.

If everything seems right and you still can't access. Your next thing to do would be to patch, which you should do anyway. Normally patches can be found in the "My Games" section of this website, though I only one expansion on gamersgate so I can't tell if they are there or not.

Good luck

By gamersgate posted 23rd Feb 2011


By gamersgate posted 24th Feb 2011

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