Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi

Game will not run

By AndyVet posted 13th Feb 2011

I have just purchased HoI3: SF, and installed it.
Installation was apparently successful, but when I tried to run the game . . .
"Missing d3dx9_40.dll" error code.

I have reinstalled the game. 3 times. No good.
I have tried running it in compatability mode for XP. No good. For Vista. Still no good.
For Server 2008. Ditto.
I have tried updating the game. Twice. No help there.

I have Windows 7, plenty of RAM, good high end video (HoI 3 ran reasonably well), etc.

Where can I get this dll file? And where do I put it once I have it?


By ragnarkuusik posted 13th Feb 2011

This is message indicating a video driver problem. You need to install right version of DirectX for running the game properly. It is advised to update your DirectX to preferably a 9c version from www.microsoft.com

NOTE IF YOU USE WINDOWS VISTA: Windows Vista allows to use only DirectX version 10, meaning that games that require the previous version will sometimes not run on Vista due to this reason. Possible solution is to use Compatibility mode. For this:
1) Right click on the icon that executes the game
2) Chose compatibility tab
3) Select the required operating system in the offered fields.
Hope it helps.

By gamersgate posted 1st May 2011


By gamersgate posted 4th May 2011

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