Still no key for Prey for me

By JerasFrey posted 12th Feb 2011

Allmost 6 weeks after buying Prey (got it the 27th of december), the activation-serial-key for Prey seems still unavailable for me: Every time I press the "Show serial key" button next to the game-symbol, I still get the following message, that I allways got since I "own" the game:

"Unfortunately, we are out of serial keys. The publisher has been contacted and we will supply keys as soon as they are delivered to us. We apologize for the inconvenience. [2]"

I'm not in a hurry to play the game, but I'd be glad to know how long it'll take to get new keys from the publisher or if I can shed the hope that the publisher will create new keys...

PS: In my case it's just the activation-serial-key which is missing, the second one is revealed, but useless at the moment because when I'm starting the game, I'm asked to type in the game key, the revealed one, I got won't fit in the textbox.


By demondean posted 12th Feb 2011

There is legal problems with the publisher/developer so hence why you are having problems,i dont see this as being resolved anytime soon if at all,and seeing as this is not being sold at the moment a refund would be in order so contact support and i'm sure your refund will be offered to you quite soon.

By JerasFrey posted 12th Feb 2011

Heyo, thanks alot for the quick response! I was just a bit perplexedbecause of the whole key-story, thought I read somewhere that some recieved some keys allready but was completely unsure if that was true, so I asked here...
Gonna consider to contact the support as you said but the game was so cheap, maybe it's worh waiting a bit for it ;) I was just so happy to find it here after they got the same problem with the keys during the holiday-sale on steam, but it seems as if the developers are a bit slow with solving it^^

By gamersgate posted 12th Feb 2011


By gamersgate posted 17th Feb 2011

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