Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

Download fails : server sent an unrecognized or invalid request

By iboris posted 11th Feb 2011

"server sent an unrecognized or invalid request attempting to reconnect in 5." (translated from french; screen cap available to mods or admins upon request)

and it's stays stuck there at about 30ish%

I've tried :

- pausing and restarting;

- stopping, keeping the files and relaunching the download;

- stopping, deleting the files and relaunching the download;

- launching the download from my university network instead of my home network;

- launching the download from a friend's home network.

- I've tried with a wired connection and a wireless connection (yes I carry around Ethernet cables in my bag, what can I say)

- redownloading the download program.

- launching as admin

- launching in compatibility mode

- I've tried running the installer with other programs running and with no program running.

this only happens with Mass Effect 2 :Digital Deluxe Edition.

I have NOT messed around in anyway with the downloaded files or the launcher (nor do I have the ability or will to do so).

Typically it will take the installer about 15 to 25 minutes to download the 4 gigs before it stops(a little less than 1 mo per second transfert speed).

Dragon Age + Dragon Age : Awakening + Mass Effect have all gone through with no hitch previously.


I've already wasted lots of bandwidth (about 4 times 4 gigs, so a total of 12 gis, a big chunk of my monthly download cap) by trying to restart the download from scratch in different settings.

I'm getting REALLY frustrated with this.


By yotsuba posted 11th Feb 2011


There are two things you should do.

1 - Contact support [at] gamersgate [dot] com and let them know there's a problem (Game Tutor is just other customers so there's nothing we can do about a server side problem).

2 - If you don't have it already, download the EADM (Electronic Arts Download Manager) from EA and add your Mass Effect 2 key to it. To do so, click on the Gear icon in the top right and select Redeem Game Code.

Doing so will allow you to download the game directly from Electronic Arts.

If this helps solve your problem, please mark it as solved. Thanks!

By iboris posted 11th Feb 2011

going to look it to this ASAP tomorrow. Thanks for the tip; will mark it as solved then.

By gamersgate posted 19th Feb 2011


By gamersgate posted 22nd Feb 2011

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