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By Dude256 posted 4th Feb 2011

I've downloaded/bought Magicka (here) downloaded to Steam and add Magicka to the Steam libary but everytime i press play a screen says Preparing to launch Magicka it last from 1 second to 5.I've uninstalled both Steam n Magicka,it still didn't work.If anybody can help please do? I would appericate it.


By metalkidz posted 4th Feb 2011

In Library tab on Steam, right click on Magicka, choos properties, choose Local files tab, click "Verify integrity of game cache", it takes several minutes to check game cache. After this, it should run fine. Tell me if it still dont work

By Dude256 posted 6th Feb 2011

It still doesn't work.

By metalkidz posted 7th Feb 2011

Delete game cache and redownload Magicka through Steam, make sure you check "keep this game up to date" in Properties tab

By gamersgate posted 9th Feb 2011


By gamersgate posted 10th Feb 2011

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