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By jerard posted 2nd Feb 2011

I bought this quite a while ago and the first time that I downloaded and installed it it worked fine. Now every time that I try to install it it stops at 45% and says something about not finding senarios\1861\France_Rhone_Alpes.csv. I have tried downloading it again and every time the installation does the same thing. What should I do?


By epexy posted 2nd Feb 2011

This is a known error when trying to install this game over a non english (or french) installation of Windows.

The solution is to change the language and regional settings of windows to French in most cases, once the game is installed and patched you can get it back to your original language.

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options (On Win XP home edition skip out the Settings).

In the Regional Options tab choose: French (France)

Then go to the Languages Tab and click on details. In settings click on Add. Choose French (France). Forget about the Keyboard layout, as its not important. After clicking Okay, the French (France) should be added to your list. Make sure it is chosen in the Default input language and then click Ok and Apply.

Back in the Regional and Language Options window, go to Advanced and once again choose French (France). Click Apply and you should now be asked to restart your pc to ensure the settings have been implemented properly. Go ahead and click this.

When the pc boots up again, you are ready to install the game. Don't be afraid that some of the autorun language is in French, your game will still be in English once you play it.

Once you have installed the game, go back to the Regional and Language Options and just revert to what you had for all the options you have changed here. Once again apply where necessary and then restart when asked. Once you have booted up you are ready to play Victoria.

Let me know if it worked for you, the location of the options might change depending on the version of windows you are using, but the idea is there.


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By epexy posted 6th Feb 2011

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