By Dude256 posted 1st Feb 2011

I have Magicka on my libary and i click play but the game doesn't show can anyone help? PLz


By demondean posted 1st Feb 2011

Do you mean in your steam library?

By Dude256 posted 2nd Feb 2011

yes i do

By demondean posted 2nd Feb 2011

When you click on it there should be some kind of box come up after a few seconds which will start to install after that has finished you will be able to press play and it will then work

By Dude256 posted 4th Feb 2011

I press the PLAY in my Steam libary it says "preparing to launch Magicka" i wait awhile and nothing seems to happen and nothing happens.

By demondean posted 4th Feb 2011

How long do you leave it? If it's the first time of trying to run it should then prepare for set up and then run after that.

By Dude256 posted 6th Feb 2011

i leave it for a few moments and nothing happens

By demondean posted 6th Feb 2011

Can you give your system specs? Maybe also look in the steam folder and look in steamapps and look for the magicka folder and tell me whats in there.

By Dude256 posted 7th Feb 2011

I don't what are game specs. This is what is in my Magicka Floder: Content,Cursors,dependencies,reslists,42910_install.vdf,Interop.UPNPLib.dll,license_JigLibX,magicka,Steam_api_dll,XIntputHelper.dll,JigLibX.dll,License_XNAnimation,PolgonHead.dll,SteamWrapper.dll,XNAnimation.dll,ErrorReport_2011.02.06-

By demondean posted 7th Feb 2011

It may be that your computer cannot run the game,it does require quite a good graphics card for a start,to find out what graphics card you have go to control panel and look under display and it will tell you what graphics card you have.

By gamersgate posted 9th Feb 2011


By gamersgate posted 10th Feb 2011

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