Stil in pain whit Steam Login

By Novarias posted 27th Jan 2011

If i'm able to login to the site (gamersgate)
Why am i not allowed thru the loggin steam screen?
Is it Done whit diffrent Pass and Name?
Starting to think that.

I'm sorry to bother the comunnety again whit this but since i'm a noob to the Site i like to ask questions.


By demondean posted 27th Jan 2011

Steam is a seperate programme,you need to register an account on there and download the software.once all that is done you can just access your game from there

By Novarias posted 28th Jan 2011

Thanks you helped me out, only one problem now. How can i play magicka? i bought it here.
Downloaded it and now?

By demondean posted 28th Jan 2011

Log onto steam and access your game there

By Novarias posted 28th Jan 2011

It doesn't show up, anywhere. Downloading it again right now (18.41) Only thing i can do whit magicka is downlaod magicka wich i bought here at gamersgate

By demondean posted 28th Jan 2011

You need to add the game to your library,so go to library and click add a game and follow the information

By Novarias posted 28th Jan 2011

Thanks problem solved i learned allot about steam and gamersgate thanks to you.

By gamersgate posted 28th Jan 2011


By gamersgate posted 31st Jan 2011

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