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Launch failure part 2

By jbspook posted 25th Jan 2011

Im throwing this back up again as the problem wasnt resolved and Im not sure where the question went.

When I try to launch The Saxons expansion, I get a "game launcher shut down" error. The screen will turn white for a couple of seconds then Im getting the error.

The first time I tried to launch it I got a pop up to put in my ser#. I copied it in and hit ok, it connected then gave me the ok to start the game. Then the error. Ive tried to reinstall and Ive tried the exe. from the file directly with no joy.

Running Vista 32, and the regular King Arthur is running fine. Am I the only one out here having trouble with this?

And to reply to one of the responses from the first time posted......I dont believe the game is launched from the base game as it installed a seperate shortcut, and start menu icon for the expansion. Also I see no sign of the expansion in the base game (original campaign available only).

Any help would be appreciated as I also found Im not the only one with this problem.


By Archonsod posted 25th Jan 2011

The Saxons should run from the base game. If it's not there then it's highly likely it's installed it to the wrong folder. You need to make sure when prompted during install you're giving it the location of the King Arthur base game.

If it's installed to it's own folder you might be able to just copy it straight over to the original KA folder (remember to say yes if it asks about overwriting any file).

There's two ways to tell if it's installed. When you start a new campaign it'll ask if you want the original game or The Saxons. There should also be a DLC tab (it's tiny) in the top left corner which will list the DLC installed.

By jbspook posted 25th Jan 2011

It is installing to the wrong folder. I did what you suggested and it worked perfectly as long as I use the new shortcut. Using the old shortcut seems to leave the expansion out of the picture.

Thank you very much for the help, hopefully some of the others having the problem will see this.

By gamersgate posted 25th Jan 2011


By gamersgate posted 25th Jan 2011

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