The Settlers 7 – Paths to a Kingdom

Cant install game (error 2)

By tha_devil posted 24th Jan 2011


I cant install this game on win 7. I it possible to do so on my win xp - when i try to kopi the installation folder to my win 7 computer it says that the luncher file is infected with a virus error code 0x800700E1

i have tried to disable all my firewalls / antivirus


By CzudakX posted 24th Jan 2011

It is no error. You haven't got installed .NET Framework. Without this pack, game will not install. Download .NET Framework. After this install.

By CzudakX posted 24th Jan 2011

No wait. You do not need to download .NET Framework. It is one of base componetnt of Windows 7. You need to Enable it. Menu Start -> System Functions (or Properties? I haven't working on Windows 7) -> Enable or Disable System Functions. Find .NET Framework 3.5.1, select all functions (read carefully description in Windows). Restart computer. For sure - download again game on your Windows 7 machine, then install.

By tha_devil posted 24th Jan 2011

ehh, i cant seem to find system functions? did you mean controlpanel?

By tha_devil posted 24th Jan 2011

i just found it and enabled/diabeled it - but still the same problem...

By CzudakX posted 25th Jan 2011

Did you downloaded game again, on Windows 7 machine? Enable .NET Framework functions, then download game AGAIN on Windows 7 machine, from GamersGate, restart computer (or do not restart computer - check it out, are there something diffrent, when you try to install game directly after downloading, or after computer restart), then install. DO NOT copy game downloaded (installation folder [directory]) on Windows XP machine.

By CzudakX posted 25th Jan 2011

But to be sure, delete installation folder (directory) you copied from Windows XP machine to Windows 7 machine, also registry entries for this installation, because there may be some leftovers from this previous, unsuccessful installation.

By CzudakX posted 25th Jan 2011

To erase registry entries for previous installation, run regedit (Start -> Run -> regedit). Search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Ubisoft -> Settlers 7 - Paths to a Kingdom (or something very similiar) and delete it (select Ubisoft - then press 'Delete'; but if you have already installed other games from Ubisoft, then select only Settlers 7 and erase only it! If you do otherwise, other Ubisoft game may malfunction!). I know that installator is about ~6 GB, but to avoid any installation problems, download it again on Windows 7 machine.

By tha_devil posted 25th Jan 2011

ok, i'll try to download it again. But i have never been able to install it on my win7 machine, when the download process reaches 100% it crashes with the message (error 2)file not found

By gamersgate posted 25th Jan 2011


By gamersgate posted 26th Jan 2011

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