Tropico 4: Captain of Industry DLC Pack (Mac)

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Alcohol and Tobacco Reference
Mild Suggestive Themes
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Tropico 4: Captain of Industry DLC Pack (Mac)

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Swashbucklers, superheroes and sustainable development: all in a day’s work for El Presidente. Protect Tropico’s newly-discovered pirate heritage, go undercover as a masked crime-fighter and build the biggest, happiest city the world has ever seen in the Captain of Industry DLC!

Concrete the jungle! Fight against famine and make poverty history as you race to build the world’s greatest city.

Pirate Heaven
Make Tropico the new Treasure Island! Turn Tropico into a pirate’s paradise! Smuggle black market goods and and plunder your citizens’ booty.

Take the law into your own hands! Clean up the streets of Tropico as the Masked Avenger, and put the island’s criminals where they belong: working for you in a labor camp.

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System Requirements

  • Requires the original Tropico 4 Gold Edition (Mac) installed to play.
  • Notice: You need to have the latest and most updated version of Tropico 4 Gold Edition installed to play.