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Strimko is a new genre logic puzzle game. It incorporates the logic found in the classic Sudoku puzzles and adds an extra dimension of fun and logic by introducing the concept of streams. This extra "streamy logic" brings fun and excitement when solving Strimko puzzles as you need to discover and unroll the logic of its creators. Each Strimko puzzle is handmade.

The game, set in a beautiful, rich graphical environment, offers two different types of gameplay and a 60 minutes sound track. In Adventure mode, help Luana save her planet by collecting the amulets of her magical astrolabe. The amulets are locked inside of chests safely guarded by enigmatic Strimko puzzles.  In Classic mode, access a collection of more than 220 hand-made Strimko puzzles with difficulty levels ranging from beginner (4x4) to a mind-bending master level (7x7).

The puzzles are divided into 4 different sets. Zen, Pave, Fit, and Tri. Each set with its own specific game mechanics.

  • A fun and innovative Brain Teaser.
  • New and original gameplay.
  • 220 handmade Strimko puzzles.
  • Hint system.
  • Story and Classic modes.
  • Increasing difficulty of puzzles: Easy (4x4) to Master (7x7).
  • 60 minute soundtrack of Zen music.
  • Fabulous graphics.
  • 10 mini games.
  • If you enjoy Sudoku, you will love Strimko.


  • Platforms:PC
  • File size:68.32 MB
  • Categories:Casual, Puzzle
  • Publisher:Braintonik
  • Release:19th May 2010
  • DRM:SecuROM
  • Languages:English

System Requirements

  • Operating system Windows XP-Vista-7
  • Processor speed 1.2 gig
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Hard drive space 70 MB
  • Video Card Any card support DirectX 7
  • Sound Card Any audio card
  • Additional DirectX 7