Shepherd Slaughter

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Shepherd Slaughter

Rating: 3.6 (104 votes cast)

Shepherd Slaughter is a fully procedurally generated top down RPG. Every adventure is different. It combines both a huge overworld map with unique locations, rare monsters and underground themed dungeons including: Fire, magic, prehistoric, and more. Use your axe to cut through trees, your pickaxe to hack through stone in a fully destructible environment - But careful: large monsters even tear through walls while chasing you!

Explore ten dangerous dungeons, each multiple levels deep and containing unique monsters, dungeon features, traps and items. For each dungeon, there is a unique and challenging above ground location that has a key to it's entrance.You'll also venture into caves with unique treasures and rewards. The world is full of rare encounters and magical locations. Will you catch the leprechaun king? Or meet the generous elf queen? Finally, an evil fortress must be conquered that contains several final challenges and a HUGE boss fight. Plus there is a tower-defense like survival mode that includes a building system where the player must defend a flock of sheep against waves of enemies.

Can you conquer the evil god's island?


  • Do battle with 70+ monsters.
  • Explore 10 unique dungeons scattered throughout a massive randomly generated world.
  • Take advantage of many different items and weapons.
  • Improve your skills, become a legendary warrior, and vanquish the Evil God.
  • Defend your flock of sheep against hordes of enemies in Survival mode.

System Requirements

  • OpenGL supported graphics card.