Rijn the Specpyre in... Manor of the Damned!

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Rijn the Specpyre in... Manor of the Damned!

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Manor of the Damned is a retro inspired action RPG that invokes the memories from the great console games of times past. The game has a deep storyline, intense action, puzzle solving and exploration. You play a destitute wandering vampyre who agrees to help rid a village of a raiding specpyre family. The game features multiple weapons, semi-destructible environments, retro inspired sound effects and graphics, an industrial music sound track, and vampyres that turn into spectres and feed on souls!

  • Engaging Story! - You play a wandering vagabond swept up into the twisted lives of the immortal specpyres.
  • Intense Action! - Combine unique weapons to destroy relentless enemies and cunning monsters in this action RPG.
  • Puzzles and Exploration! - Only a sharp mind can unravel the secrets of the manor and the horrors of its past.
  • Multiple Weapons! - Dual wield weapons and items to combine their powers.
  • Retro Style! - Retro inspired sound effects and graphics.
  • Awesome Soundtrack! - Pounding industrial and eerie gothic music.
  • Multiple Languages! - Play in English or Swedish.


System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Mac OSX, or Linux 32/64 bit
  • Disk Space: 42MB
  • CPU: 800 MHz
  • Graphics: OpenGL support
  • Controller: Keyboard or Gamepad (Windows and Linux only)