Restaurant Empire

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Restaurant Empire

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From the creator of award-winning Capitalism series and Seven Kingdoms series, Trevor Chan, here comes a break through in business simulation genre. The game that takes the art of cooking and running a restaurant to new heights, Restaurant Tycoon is a gastronome's dreams come true. Starting with nothing except some cash, a passion for food and a great idea, you start by building a restaurant from the bottom up - hiring waiters, decorating, even cooking the meals. Buy, build, outsell and undermine your competition in the world's culinary capitals, all faithfully recreated in stunning 3D environments.

A story-based campaign with 25 compelling scenarios that let you experience a thrilling adventure in the culinary world.

A powerful 3D engine that the player switch between the bird eye's view of city and detailed view of customers in your restaurant with a single click.

3 world-famous cities painstakingly simulated, which include Paris, Rome and LA

Over 200 recipes in 3 cuisines: French, Italian and American, complete with breakfast, appetizers, soups, main courses and desserts.

Over 300 items to decorate your restaurant. Set up theme restaurants like music and seafood restaurants.

30 unique chefs to hire and interact with, including most sought-after celebrity chefs. Acquire secret recipes from master chefs.

Design your food menu to appeal to different types of customers. There will be individuals looking for a quick lunch, couples seeking a romantic dinning experience and business people treating their partners to a delicious meal.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98SE, 2000, ME or XP (Windows 95 and NT not supported)
  • 500 MHz Intel Pentium III or processors of the same grade
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 700 MB Hard drive space
  • NVIDIA GeForce, ATI Radeon, or 3D cards of the same grade
  • DirectX 8 compatible sound card
  • Keyboard / Mouse


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