Real Estate Empire 2 Mac

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Real Estate Empire 2 Mac

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Help us to create a browser based version of Real Estate Empire - DECK which will be available for PC, Mac and major tablets like iPad, Nexus and the Playbook ->

Real Estate Empire 2 is the sequel to our popular game, Real E$tate Empire! For the real estate mogul in everybody, Real Estate Empire 2 contains over thirty different levels packed into four different scenarios.

Real Estate Empire 2 features a streamlined upgrade and renovation system that makes the game easier to pick up and play. Real Estate Empire 2 also features a new goals based system that has players leveling up through a variety of different scenarios and goals. The much requested feature of renting has been added - do you wait for good renters who won't damage your newly renovated bungalow or do you get somebody in there to start paying the mortgage today?

Real E$tate Empire 2's user friendly difficulty system allows players of all ages and capabilities to enjoy the game. Players will be entertained for hours while learning about real estate management at the same time! You will start with "Baby Steps", an easy scenario designed to help you get up and going quickly while learning how to play the game! In "The Inheritance" you find out that your beloved uncle Willy has left you his sprawling eye sore of a trailer park. It is your job to do uncle Willy proud by changing his run down old park into the Shangri La that your favorite uncle had always envisioned. In "High Roller", your job will be to build a small nest egg into a fortune. Clever management will be required as you move from house flipping in the 'burbs to running high end office space rentals, all on your way to a net equity that would make even The Donald envious. "Before the Crash" is modeled on the hot real estate market of Southern California during the early 2000's where you could flip and renovate your way to your own real estate fortune. Those were the days!

Real Estate Empire 2, The real estate game that teaches you how to win at... the real estate game!



System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Intel Mac


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