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In Prism, the player, along with a number of Bulboids, must direct light onto the Glowbos, making use where necessary of the galactic matter, which comes in the form of Mirrors, T-splitters, Filter Blocks, Spinners and Prisms, collectively called Gluons.

Game Play
Bulboids: These friendly creatures from outer space light the way with their powerful beams. Place them carefully to help the Glowbos survive.

Glowbos: The peaceful Glowbos need light to survive and use it as their food. Make sure they are lit up by utilising the Bulboids.

Mirrors: These reflect the light at right angles.

T-Junctions: T-Junctions are very useful as they split the light into two beams and so give the player more options.

Filter Blocks: These change the light beam to whatever colour the block is and as such are very useful to light up the coloured Glowbos.

Prisms: They split the light into three different beams of red, blue and yellow allowing the player to solve even the toughest of puzzles.

Cycloids: These creatures behave like filter blocks but they cycle through different colours. Make sure you pay attention to the direction they are facing.

System Requirements

  • Pentium III 700/AMD equivalent Processor
  • 256MB Ram
  • 32MB video card with T/L support (GeForce 2 MX and above/ Radeon 7500 and above)
  • 16 Bit DirectX compatible Sound Card
  • Win XP / Win 2k and above
  • 1. Any graphical issue with the game can be resolved by lowering the game resolution to 640x480 and switching it to full screen mode. (Most of the graphical issues and performance based issues that were reported during the test cycle can be resolved by this method.)
  • 2. Intel 845, Intel 865(Intel Express 2), Intel 915 and Intel 945(Intel GMA 900) are all not supported chipsets.
  • 3. ALT+TAB combo is not supported.