Monster RPG 2

Rating: 3.8 (1532 votes cast)

Take part in a quest that spans worlds. Finely polished pixels and expertly tracked music accompany you, and the many player characters in this game, throughout a satisfying adventure. This game is sure to bring back memories, but also to firmly implant new and treasured ones.

Role Playing Goodness:

  • Nineteen locations to discover and explore
  • Nine adventurers to add to the party, develop and lead.
  • Turn-based combat against over ninety monster types.
  • Eighteen spells for Magic Users and Clerics to cast (not including spells cast by monsters!)
  • Enough swords, guns, potions, helmets, badges, keys, staves and armor to keep any adventurer stocked for life.

Innovative features:

  • Intuitive controls let you dive into play right away.
  • Musical options: great in-game music or play your own music while adventuring.
  • Real-time tasks and puzzles increase the challenge and the fun!

System Requirements

  • 800 MHz Pentium M or greater
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • OpenGL accelerated graphics card with GLSL support *
  • Microsoft Windows® XP or later
  • MacOS X 10.6 or later
  • * Direct3D failsafe driver is provided on Windows which may work where OpenGL does not.


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