Luna's Wandering Stars

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Luna's Wandering Stars

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Control the powers of the cosmos. Explore your curiosity of space. Luna's Wandering Stars is a planetary physics puzzler with a full Level Creator/Editor and online level sharing.

An action puzzle game that utilizes realistic planetary physics to present interesting and challenging puzzles. Use a variety of powers and tricks to control planetary movements, such as changing gravity, designating velocity, applying force, and using myserious wormholes to move masses around. The goal of every level is to collect enough asteroids using moons to move on to the next level. For a real challenge, collect the rare golden asteroids in every level.

Each planet brings a new power to play with the basic mechanics of gravity and orbits:

  • Mercury: Give moons a velocity in order to set their course.
  • Venus: Use rockets to apply a force and change moons' orbits. 
  • Earth: Change the gravitational strength of the planet. 
  • Mars: Obstacle-destroying laser. Pew pew! 
  • Jupiter: Redirect the trajectory of masses while they're hurling through space. 
  • Saturn: Modify the density of moons, see what happens! 
  • Uranus: Use wormholes to strategically teleport masses in space. 
  • Neptune: Change the nature of your surrounding by creating black holes. 
  • Pluto: Reposition Pluto to influence moons' orbits.


System Requirements

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz processor
  • dual-core recommended.
  • DirectX 9 with Shader Model 2.0