The Kings' Crusade Arabian Nights DLC

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The Kings' Crusade Arabian Nights DLC

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Welcome to the magical world of the Arabian fables. Many secrets lie buried in these sands, and the time has come to use the relics of the past against the infidel, Richard Lionheart. Explore our hidden valleys, unearth majestic artifacts, meet cunning sorcerers, recruit efreets and call forth legendary heroes, to aid you in your battle for the Holy Land!

New units and new heroes:

Ali Baba and the forty thieves

Ali Baba was an ordinary man who by chance stumbled upon the lair of the forty thieves, and learned the magic words that opened their mysterious treasure-filled cave. After his death he was doomed to spend the afterlife with the thieves he had robbed.


Jaffar, the evil and cunning sorcerer of a time long ago, meddled in the darker arts of wizardry, and finally achieved life after his death -- if you can call his wretched existence life at all.


Sinbad was a legendary sailor from Baghdad, whose voyages took him to wonderful places where he fought monsters and gathered precious treasures. He was called the “ever restless” -- which might explain how he turned up here and now, hundreds of years after his supposed death.

Genii and “The Prince of Sands”

The genii are creatures made of fire. Besides their numerous magical abilities they are capable of disappearing into thin air and reappearing elsewhere -- a talent that makes them ideal soldiers in battle.

Efreets and “The Efreet Sultan”
These legendary beings are ruthless sprits that walk the Saracen lands. They are strange creatures, but not necessarily evil or sinister. Sometimes they participate in the raging conflict for Saladin’s kingdom.

Numerous new abilities, spells, artifacts:

Blazing Rain, Dancing Blades, Dust Devil, Genie Door, Immortality, Invisibility, Sandstorm, Summon Efreet, Summon Genie, Cloak of Invisibility, Magic Lamp and Sword of Sindbad

Five unique events of the Saracen Campaign also spice the gameplay on this mysterious land.

System Requirements

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