Jekyll & Hyde

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Jekyll & Hyde

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Based on the famous novella from Robert Louis Stevenson the player experience the fascinating world of Jekyll & Hyde and must solve the secrets behind London's underground world.

Fascinating storyline about a conspiracy of an ancient mysterious sect. Therefore all puzzles (quests) are based on the Greek mythology.

Combining classical Point and Click features with action elements, Jekyll and Hyde is featuring a 3D engine with a lot of special effects. Players must solve the quests with two completely different characters.

  • Classical adventure with action and skillgaming elements
  • Exciting story line based on the well known “Jekyll & Hyde” novella
  • Several sinister places to discover in London‘s underground world.
  • Mysterious riddles and puzzles based on the Greek mythology
  • 2 player characters with different skills to solve a series of quests
  • Real 3D engine featuring a lot of different special effects
  • Character develops different skills during the game
  • Dynamic camera movements emphasizing level of excitement
  • Mini laboratory to mix special potions giving the player new abilities

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System Requirements

  • BS: Windows® 7® / Vista® / XP-SP2
  • CPU: 1.5GHz (2.0GHz recommended) Intel® Pentium® or AMD ™
  • RAM: 512MB Windows® XP / 7
  • 1024MB Windows® Vista®
  • 2048MB recommended
  • GPU: 128 MB RAM DirectX® 9.0c compatible Card
  • (256 - 512 MB recommended)