Gratuitous Space Battles: The Order

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Gratuitous Space Battles: The Order

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 Be warned heathen un-believers. The Galaxy is not your plaything. This galaxy was created in a weekend by the one true god, and he has no room in it for the likes of heathen aliens such as you. If your species is not listed in the holy book of the one true god, then it's pretty clear you are a mistake, and the order is here to rectify mistakes. For is it not written (depending on translations) that the total destruction of all alien species with devastating radioactive cannons and nuclear space-missiles is the will of the one true god? So say us. So say The ORDER.

The Order is the latest species in the universe of Gratuitous Space Battles. The order are here to do gods work, and it's done primarily through nuclear missiles, limpet mines and radiation guns. Apparently leafleting and hymns just didn't get the job done. In any case, the order have you in their sights. Prepare to be crushed alien swine.

What The Order Expansion Pack Contains:

10 New ships. 4 Cruisers 3 Frigates and 3 fighters, all in a new graphical style by the same artist who did the original GSB artwork. The order ships use tractor beams to keep the different components together. Girders are so 2450's.

4 New weapon types:  The radiation gun does impact damage plus ongoing internal radiation damage as its effects devastate your ship from the inside. Nuclear missiles provide the same entertainment in missile form. Firefly rockets give normal cruiser rockets a boost of speed, and lastly, cunning anti-fighter limpet mines latch on to incoming fighters and drag them down to speeds where everyone can take pot shots at them.

New ship bonuses. The order ships have pretty poor engines, but those big green throbbing powerplants kick out more juice on order ships. What could you design given more power and less speed? The order is your opportunity to find out.

2 New Scenarios. Two maps for you to fight against the order, One is a normal map, but with the fun and games of a nice aesthetically pleasing 3D style asteroid field (does not affect gameplay but looks cool), and the other is a 'survival' mode match where you play last ship standing and try to score higher than other players in the global high score table.

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