Dracula Series Episode 2: The Myth of the Vampiire

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Dracula Series Episode 2: The Myth of the Vampiire

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Back from Budapest, Father Arno continues his investigation. He meets Professor Kruger, a former colleague of Martha Calugarul, and Maria, who now replaces Martha at the dispensary. Father Arno receives new clues but is no closer to solving the mystery.

Later, Stephan Luca, the journalist who discussed vampires with Father Arno, is found dead in his room at the inn. It is now obvious that dark forces are at work. As those events are linked to his arrival in town, Father Arno’s presence is no longer welcome by the local townspeople. Continuing his mission,

Father Arno decides to follow the mysterious "Path of the Dragon", which leads him to Turkey.
After investigating in old Turkish prisons, Father Arno understands in his dreams that
he has accomplished the first trials. He is on "the Path".

Back in Vladoviste, Father Arno meets Irina Boczow to explain his projects. Conscious that "the Path of the Dragon" is very risky, Irina asks Father Arno to come and meet her again in Budapest to help him prepare this tough task. But when he arrives, Father Arno discovers Irina's dead body...

  • Great storyline.
  • New game play and adapted difficulty.
  • High Definition graphics and movies.
  • Easy inventory and documents system.
  • Many puzzles to solve.
  • Different music and ambient sounds
  • 3 to 4 hours of game play

System Requirements

  • Windows® 2000/XP/ Vista/7
  • Processor: 166 GHz (233 recommended)
  • System memory: 32Mb RAM (64Mo recommended)
  • Video card: 4Mb compatible
  • Direct X 7 (8Mb recommended)
  • Sound: Sound Blaster sound card or compatible