Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

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Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

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Defender's Quest is a Tower-Defense/RPG Hybrid for Mac/Windows/Linux.  Think Final Fantasy Tactics meets Tower Defense. DQ tightly focuses on three things: tactical depth, customization, and story. That means no random encounters, no spikey-haired emo kids, no forced time sinks, and no tedious, repetitive battles.

The battle system builds off of tower defense, with individual characters taking the place of towers. Each character levels-up, learns skills, and equips gear individually, allowing the player to customize their battle experience and strategy. The overall game structure is similar to "tactical" RPG's, but with a real-time battle system. Game speed is adjustable, and commands can even be issued while the game is paused.

Also featuring an engaging character-driven story written by an actual English Major!
Game Features:

Things we included:

  • Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux!
  • Tower-defense style tactical battle system!
  • Customizable characters!
  • Story written by USDA certified English major! *
  • Extreme challenges for Hardcore types!
  • Casual challenges for Your Mom** and Dad!
  • Over 200 Uniquely designed battles and over 40 maps!
  • Doesn't waste your time!
  • Bonus challenges, including endless mode!
  • New Game+ mode!
  • Multiple bullet points!

*The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not actually certify the freshness of domestically grown English Majors.

**The USDA has certified, however, that your mother is a classy lady. You should call her sometime, she misses you.

Things we didn’t include:

  • 40+ hours of padding
  • Zillions of random battles
  • Pointless fetch quests
  • Whiny emo kids
  • Deliberate micro-management
  • Cumbersome menus six layers deep
  • $60 price tag
  • Aeris dying

“It’s Brilliant” - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“Incredibly Fun” – Destructoid.

System Requirements

  • No special hardware or graphics card needed.
  • Runs okay on old computers, runs great on modern ones.
  • Works for Mac, Windows, and Linux!
  • Windows: XP or newer
  • Mac: 10.6 or newer (10.4/10.5 compatibility hopefully coming "soon")
  • Linux: most distributions, see (
  • Adobe AIR (included with Win/Mac installers, see above note for Linux)