Chrome Specforce

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Chrome Specforce

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In a not too distant future, the rapid advancement of technology has allowed man's common dream of colonizing distant planets become reality. With need of further natural resources and living space, the human race rapidly expands. Unprepared for the scale of development, the Federation, overseer for the process of colonizing the universe, limit the selling of 'terra-forming' permits. Outraged by the decision, powerful mega corporations begin holding an authoritarian rule on their very own "private" planets. The full autonomy of these new worlds soon creates a safe haven for criminal activity and bringing down the Federation is their number one priority.

For a little more than 12 months the Federation's special division has led an investigation into the ever more frequent case of government officers being confronted by criminals, commonly found under the influence of an as yet unknown stimulant. Based of synthetic enzymes, the substance causes the fearless, aggressive, trigger-happy and pain resistant hitmen to wreak havoc, and the problem is now spreading.

Created with the purpose of ridding the planetary system of global hazards and crisis situations endangering the Federation's stability, the elite strike unit Chrome Specforce has finally caught a break in the investigation.

Armed with the latest military technology in combat, designed with Special Forces in mind, the SpecForce field agents equip themselves with SPA4 Power Armour, the main element of a SpecForce field agent's operational equipment and vital to mission success. Be it assassination, espionage, infiltration or sabotage, the armours systems enhance the efficiency of tactical operations conducted in enemy territory.

Dispatched to the planetary system of Estrella to collect evidence, it quickly becomes clear that a seemingly simple task leads to an intrigue on a much grander scale...

  • Take part in top secret missions in enemy territory
  • Operate alone or with squad support
  • Challenge diversified and intelligent AI enemies
  • Employ tactical thinking, quick reflexes and determination
  • Discover modern urban landscapes, vast open terrains and impressive visual range.
  • Control several land and air vehicles for quick coverage of planetary terrain
  • Play via Internet and over LAN. Multiplayer maps consisting of 32 players with 4 modes (Death Match, Team Death Match, team Domination, Capture the Flag)
  • Visit multiplayer arenas created in conjunction with online clans

System Requirements

  • This game is NOT compatible with Windows 7 OS


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