Baldur's Gate The Original Saga

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Baldur's Gate The Original Saga

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Get the complete Baldur's Gate I experience now. This bundle includes both Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast.

Baldur's Gate
Chaos threatens to overwhelm the Sword Coast. The state of Amn is under siege to the south, the High Moor is being overrun in the north, and the region around Baldur's Gate is in turmoil. In an area known for its ample resources, a crippling shortage is slowly developing for the metal that is used throughout the Realms for everything from swords to forks - iron. When iron ore reaching the region is smelted, the resulting wares are plagued with brittleness such that they crack and break with little more than normal use. What's worse, trading caravans coming from all directions into Baldur's Gate are under constant attack from bandits and cutthroats who loot not for gold and gems (although they often take those too...), but for iron. The armed factions in Baldur's Gate can scarcely keep themselves armed and the commoners are suffering all the more. Without iron they cannot mend their tools or purchase plows - and everyone knows that if they cannot farm or craft, they will starve come winter.

Some blame Amn for the chaos, others the trading cartels, and still others suspect even the Dukes of Baldur's Gate. Yet, this contagion may be an early omen of some greater evil...

Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
Continue your travels on the Sword Coast with the next set of adventures in the award-winning Baldur’s Gate™ roleplaying game series. Legends of treasures lost and monsters to be defeated abound in the region. Almost all have at least some basis in truth. Are you up to the tast? Will you return with even more fame than you accumulated in your previous travels? Or will you journey off, never to be heard from again—the source of your own legend, in turn?


  • Baldur’s Gate
    • Over ten thousand (10,000!) 640x480 game screens in 16 bit color
      • Pre-rendered backgrounds, compelling music, and game play (NOT just a bunch of FMV)
      • Every location is unique since our backgrounds are rendered rather than tiled
      • Everything displayed in vibrant 16-bit color (65536 different colors)
      • Isometric, top-down view gives a birds eye view of the action
      • 3D height maps for realistic travel over terrain - actually climb stairs, fall into pits, and traverse rocky areas
      • Dynamic full color lighting effects
      • Realistic day to night changes in the lighting of the world
      • Rain, snow, fog, lightning, all occurring in real-time
      • Dynamic changes in character appearance - as you change a character's weapons and armor, you see it on that character
    • Role Playing in the grand tradition of ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ®
      • Set in TSR's legendary FORGOTTEN REALMS ® campaign world, the game encompasses a huge region south of the city of Baldur's Gate.
      • Over sixty different monsters to fight -- everything from kobolds and gibberlings to ogres and ... dragons?
      • Hundreds of NPC's that you encounter barter with, befriend, and war with
      • Control a party of six characters, each with unique abilities and personalities
      • Inter-party relationships are dynamic and evolve with the story
    • Transparent Interface and Game play that is truly immersive
      • Uses a real time modification of the AD&D ® rules system
      • Can be made to play in a turn-based fashion
      • Die rolls and combat rules are displayed, but do not need to be known to play
      • Character AI scripts determine how your characters act when you aren't controlling them
      • Control the characters one at a time or have them act as a group
      • Unique hotkey system allows generic keys to perform class specific functions
    • Multiple paths in a truly gripping story
      • Your decisions affect the world as a whole
      • An engrossing non-linear plot line that ties into the region's history, gods, natural resources, and politics
      • Nearly 100 sub quests that occur throughout the main story
  • Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
    • Continue your adventures with the character you created in the original Baldur’s Gate™.
    • Join up with old friends or meet old enemies—your actions in the original game will impact events in Tales of the Sword Coast™.
    • Numerous improvements in the interface and the game system based on fan input.
    • More powerful spells, talkative NPCs, and additional enchanted items to be found.
    • Set in TSR’s best-selling Forgotten Realms® campaign setting, based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons® roleplaying game system.


System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended)
  • 256MB RAM (512 recommended)
  • 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
  • Mouse, Keyboard.


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