Abomination - The Nemesis Project

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Abomination - The Nemesis Project

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Abomination: The Nemesis Project pits you as a genetically engineered special operative fighting against a doomsday cult. The plague is once again stalking the earth. In six days, a superpower has vanished under the heels of the most virulent virus humanity has ever known. Starting in New York on a Sunday, it made it's way to Los Angeles by the following Saturday leaving a swath of victims spewing blood from every orifice. No cure. No hope. Only death. As the devastation spread, so did the insanity. A cult blossomed as the body count rose. Calling themselves the Faithful, they preached the demise of mankind and the absolution of the brood.
In the bowels of a classified government complex, the eight survivors of Project Nemesis awake to a new world. Nemesis, a black ops program, sought to create the ultimate covert operative. Genetically augmented volunteers from Delta, Seals, and Force Recon were engineered to be the ultimate weapons for low intensity conflicts. Now they have to fight a war against a different kind of enemy.

Abomination is an advanced, team-based, strategic and tactical combat game in which you need to employ absolute stealth to infiltrate enemy positions. Utilize military tactics to accomplish mission objectives and gain the strategic initiative while you research the enemy and devise new technology. You can equip your operatives with over 150 different military and experimental weapons. Treat yourself to fully textured-mapped, light sourced, 3D models combined with detailed terrain. Realistic physics allow you to blow enemies off their feet, severed body parts twisting through the air.

System Requirements

  • Pentium 166
  • 32Mb RAM
  • Windows™ 95/98
  • 2 Mb SVGA Graphics Card
  • Soundblaster or compatible soundcard
  • DirectX™ 6.1